ScubaPro Mk11 1st Stage & S600 2nd Stage Dis-assembled

The Regulator units are dismantled down to the individual components, ready to be loaded into the ultrasonic cleaner. Where necessary, notes are made on the worksheet for reassembly.

Ready For Ultrasonic Cleaning Captain!

Components are placed in a basket ready to go into the ultrasonic cleaner. The cleaner uses heated cleaning fluids to strip away all the gunk and leaves your regulator parts gleaming! Note the state of this regulator and compare it to the next image!!

Ready For Reassembly Captain!

Components are placed on absorbent paper to dry. Notice the metal parts are gleaming! Once dry, everything is inspected, and all parts for which it is recommended, are replaced with new parts from a recognised service kit.

Before: Filthy 1st Stage

Regulator 1st stage in an appalling condition due to lack of, or zero servicing. I’m more contaminated than I look from the outside, yuk I need cleaning! Seriously, would you dive on this reg if you knew it looked like this, bearing in mind this is your lifeline?! SEE NEXT IMAGE...

After: Yes its the SAME regulator

Here is the same regulator 1st stage in first class condition after being cleaned by ScubaSafe in an ultrasonic cleaner with BIOX the world’s number one regulator and O2 cleaner. Now THATs a regulator you can breathe from!

Another filthy 1st Stage

What can we say? Why would any diver take risks letting their equipment get this bad? Another classic 'before' photo for the hall of shame.