Disassembled Apeks Regulator

Regulator is mounted on a none scratch mount and completely dismantled before all components are ultrasonically cleaned.


All replaceable parts are replaced and the regulator carefully put back together

O Rings!

You can never have too many O-rings!

Spares Wonderful Spares!

We have boxes & boxes of spares. You just never know what'll arrive for a service!

Pressure Testing Regulator hoses

Using this specially designed test rig, we pressure test regulator hoses to manufacturer specifications. The dial,(1) gives an accurate reading. The hose (2) is connected in a 'U' configuration. Worryingly, all too often, we've seen hoses split, bubble and leak! These hazards would be missed elsewhere. Have you seen anyone else test regulator hoses as standard with a service?

ScubaPro Mk11 /S600: Before Service

The regulator details are recorded on a worksheet. Serial numbers and visual inspection findings are noted down. A diagram is drawn to record the hose configuration for reassembly.