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Subject to service kit part availability, usually they're ready for collection in 2 working days
ScubaSafe recommends a valve service with any form of tank service, including tank O2 cleaning
Normally 2 working days. Subject to visual inspection
Scubasafe checks the air purity of its delivered air on a monthly basis. Tanks can be filled while you wait, subject to prior arrangement.
A ScubaSafe O2 cleaned tank and valve will accept up to 100% oxygen
The compressor air has been filtered several times & is used only to fill or part fill tanks that have been O2 cleaned. The air can be used or decanted & can be filled immediately with a Nitrox mix without any further cleaning of the tank or valve
Yes. Please let us know what make and model you need one for. If we haven't got them in stock we can usually source them or offer advice. We have access to an extensive database of manufacturer specifications and technical data.
Shipping costs are not included in our prices as they will vary too much in each case depending upon the weight and shipping method you choose, as well as your location. Please email or call us to discuss shipping
We recommend using the Australia Post website to estimate shipping costs and if you wish, you can include pre-labelled prepaid packaging for us to use to return your gear to you. That way you get to control the standard of the shipping as well as the cost
Generally speaking our prices are for the servicing component only. We have to assess the required spares and will always contact you for approval before we replace anything over and above the standard service kit parts.
Sorry, no. We require payment in full before dispatch.
We keep our prices down by avoiding payment methods that pass on fees. Currently that means cash or direct bank transfer only.