Look after your expensive life saving kit with an annual Scubasafe service. See our procedure at the bottom of this page.

The Full Monte

plus parts (service kits)

Just The Regs

plus parts (service kits)

1st Stage Only

plus parts (service kit)

2nd Stage Only

plus parts (service kit)

Just The Occy

plus parts (service kit)

The Full Monte With O2 Cleaning

plus O2 service kits

1. Visual inspection: Noting hose arrangement & condition of hoses & regulator housings. Recording ID Serial numbers.

2. Intermediate & cracking pressures are checked.

3. Dismantle & clean all metal components in an ultrasonic cleaner & BIOX solution. They are then washed in hot water & dried & laid out for assembly or replacement.

4. All plastic & non metallic parts are thoroughly washed & cleaned in warm water & a mild detergent. They are then dried, & laid out for assembly or replacement.

5. All units are assembled with new “O” rings & any other parts that need replacement, using in moderation, the appropriate food grade silicon grease.

6. The intermediate & cracking pressures are set to the manufacturer’s specification.

7. A dry & a wet test are carried out, to ensure there are no leaks.

8. The unit is then pressurised for a time, & is monitored to ensure that there is no IP creep.

9. Although its not required as part of a standard service, here at ScubaSafe we also pressure test the HP & LP hoses using a purpose built test rig (pictured in our gallery page).

10. Finally, the regulator is personally tested & fine tuned in our on-site pool. The service is now completed & guaranteed - the regulator is returned to the customer.

Note: Specialist knowledge, materials & expertise is required for equipment that is to be used with O2 concentrations higher than 50%. See our O2 page for details.