Latex Neck Seal

Latex dry suit neck seals. Various sizes standard, small, extra small.

Product Code: LNS


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Latex Wrist Seal

Latex dry suit wrist seals. Various sizes standard, small.

Product Code: BWS


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Apeks Drysuit Auto-dump

Product Code: APEXA


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Apeks Drysuit Cuff dump

Product Code: APEXC


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Drysuit Apeks Swivel Inflator

CEJN/DIN/QD (coupling choice)

Product Code: APINA


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Drysuit Inflation Hose

DIN/QD coupling

Product Code: APHSD


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Drysuit Inflation Hose

CEJN coupling 71-91cm (choice of length)

Product Code: APHSS


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Drysuit Rubber Knee Pads

Size = 31 X 17 cm

Product Code: RKP


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Drysuit Knife Pocket

Available with or without snorkel holder

Product Code: SCKNI


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Drysuit Neoprene Pocket

Additional storage for your neoprene drysuit

Product Code: SCPOC


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Drysuit Zip

Standard grade. Zip lengths 76, 78, 81, 86, 91, 96, 101cm

Product Code: ZIPSTD


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Heavy Duty Drysuit Zip

Commercial professional grade, length of zip = 91 cm

Product Code: ZIPDH


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Drysuit Braces Kit

Keep those pants up just like grandad!

Product Code: SCBRA


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Dive Boots

6.5mm neoprene hard soled (all UK/Euro sizes)

Product Code: BO


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Drysuit Boots

7mm neoprene hard soled Extra tough (all UK/Euro sizes)

Product Code: BND


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Dry & Wetsuit Pro Knife Pocket

Includes straps for attaching snorkel or other accessories. We can fit if required, (see Exposure Suit Services for details).

Product Code: SC PKP


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Wetsuit Iron on light weight knee pads

Just follow the enclosed instructions for easy fitting.

Product Code: MKP


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Black Witch Neoprene Adhesive

28ml tube in handy blister pack. Cures in most instances in an hour. Suitable for butt joints, tears/splits in neoprene suits.

Product Code: MNBW


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AquaSure Urethane Repair Adhesive & Sealant

World-wide industry standard for permanent maximum strength repairs to wet & dry suits. Use with Cotol 240 plus. Accelerator that speeds tack time to 15 min, and full cure time in 2 hrs.

Product Code: MNAQ14


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AquaSure Flexible sealant and repair adhesive

For wet & drysuits in handy 250ml tube. Use with Cotol 240 plus. Accelerator that speeds tack & cure time.

Product Code: MNAQU250


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Cotol 240 plus

High speed accelerator in 30ml bottle used in conjunction with Aquasure adhesives for faster tack and cure times. Can also be used as a preparation cleaner prior to gluing

Product Code: COTOL240


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