Tanks & Valves

Is your Tank Rusty? Have ScubaSafe carry out a tank inspection. We will do a visual internal inspection, ultrasonic test & complete a report. You can choose a free air fill or valve service with every satisfactory inspection.

We also carry out tank servicing which comprises;
1. Visual inspection of the interior and external surfaces looking for signs of excess corrosion, pits, gouges etc.
2. Checking the tank boot (if fitted) to ensure that the water drain holes are adequate & not blocked.
3. Checking manufacturer’s specific minimum tank thickness on crown, base and walls.

*At ScubaSafe we also recommend that you take the opportunity to have the valve serviced at the same time, in which case the valve is cleaned and new seals fitted. The tank is then filled and tested for leaks.

Small Air Fill

* Please note: We will only fill tanks that are 'in test'!

Large Air Fill

* Please note: We will only fill tanks that are 'in test'!

Triple Clean Air Fill

* Please note: We will only fill tanks that are 'in test'!

Valve Service

plus parts

Basic Paint

Includes air fill*

Deluxe Paint

Includes air fill*

Internal Corrosion Clean

Includes air fill*
  • A thorough shot blasting ensures your tank is pristine
  • How To Order

Cylinder Visual Inspection & Ultrasonic Test

Includes air fill or valve service

Cylinder and valve O2 Cleaning

plus service kit, Includes Triple Clean Air Fill*
  • Cleaned, Valve Service (including Service Kit)
  • How To Order

Tank Stickers

  • Tank Decals - 'Breathing Air', 'NITROX' & 'O2 Cleaned'
  • How To Order

* Please note: We will only fill tanks that are 'in test'!
Specialist knowledge, materials and expertise is required for equipment that is to be used with O2 concentrations higher than 50%. See our O2 page for details.

Check out these progressive shots of some of our tank painting. It was a custom job, interesting to do, anyone recognise the design? Other images of some poorly maintained tanks are also available on the Gallery page.

Step 1 Preparation:

Wet & Dry with lots of elbow grease!

Step 2 Basecoat:

Lots of layers to build up the coverage and shine

Step 3 Finishing:

Add pattern and multiple layers of laquer

Why get your tank and valve professionally serviced? Have a look at some of the things we get to see and you'll see why!

Internal Visual Inspection

Looking inside tanks using special inspection tools, we get to see some scary things. These are GENUINE examples of tanks that were in use.

Rusty tank!

Yes, a diver WAS diving with this tank!