We carry out battery replacements on a variety of Computers, Watches and Consoles. Even diver self-serviceable ones, might be worth pressure testing if you want to be certain before diving.

Battery Replacement

*Starts from, plus appropriate battery kit

Suunto: D4, D6, D9 Vyper, Vytec Consoles

Aladin, ScubaPro: Air, AirCom, Nitrox Air








Step 1

Initial dis-assembly

The computer is carefully dis-assembled. Case parts are ultrasonically cleaned & checked

Step 2

Extracting Oil

Note: Many dive computers, including this UWATEC one, are filled with a mineral oil. This non-conducting clear oil serves to protect the delicate electronics & also, as a liquid, is not compressible like air would be. Thus making the computer extremely robust & pressure resistant. We carefully open the sealed enclosure and extract the oil for reuse using a syringe. When the oil is removed, the computer is carefully dried and cleaned. Especially the seals & seal seats.

Step 3

Remove Old Battery

The old battery has to be carefully removed. This involves freeing it from its soldered connections. Unlike household items, dive computer batteries are soldered into place to ensure they cannot lose power when in use. The special batteries come with soldering 'tags' for this purpose.

Step 4

Fit New Battery

The new battery has to be carefully soldered into place. Then the computer is reset. This step varies depending upon the make & model. Once reset, the steps above are reversed. Oil is replaced ensuring no bubbles remain (this can take a while!). The rubber seal is refitted & finally the case re-fitted. The final step is a visit to our pressure testing vessel for a quick 'dive' to 50m!